What would be the best way to determine my low/med/high flow areas of my tank?



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Mar 14, 2021
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Kansas City
Hello! As I am trying to diagnose some corals that are not doing well, I got caught up in their placement again. As I am looking at their requirements, specifically my goni, the question of where is my lower flow comes to mind. I have a 75g with a Varios4 return pump (1/2 power), MP40, and MP10 for flow. Right now, I only have my return and MP40 (2-4% power) going because of my new clownfish that are adjusting to higher flows. I intend to up the flow slowly but some of my corals are not looking good so I may have to do it quicker than intended. My rock work looks like this and the corals are about in the same places as in the photo (old photo from when tank wasn't quite as mature):

What would be a way I could tell where my low and high flow areas are? I assume that my highest flow is toward the arch and flat parts on the top and the lowest flow is toward the bottom right, but I really have no way to tell. The island on the left was going to be my zoa garden, but now I think that is a potentially higher flow spot because nothing is surrounding it.

You know those flow test videos where they put the neon green dye in the water to see where the flow is? That is what I want, just reef and fish safe. Would a small particle food like rotifers be good?

Any thoughts or advice much appreciated!
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