When it comes to this hobby.... what's your biggest PET PEEVE?


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Jun 14, 2018
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Los Angeles
People that tell me i should buy LEDs, then want to buy me halide frags because the look so good.

You opened a thread asking if you should go MH and T5 or LED on your next reef tank.
Now you complain about some people advise you for LEDs.
You really just opened the other thread for bashing LEDs, no doubt.
This is very low level.
This is my pet peeve.
MH is great as is T5 and LED.
Yup. That whole thread was just a giant bait. There was no intention of exploring LEDs. And that was transparent from the very first page.

lion king

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Jul 3, 2016
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The misrepresentation or outright lies of one's experience. As with all aspects, when someone makes an investment or makes a bad decision that goes terribly wrong, they have a hard time sharing that result for the betterment and advancement of the hobby. I have had friends outright lie about things I knew 1st hand, bragging in a lfs to other customers.

2 examples; Angels and triggers in a reef that remain the perfect citizen after maturation and long term in a tank. Feeding dwarf and medium lions, scorps, and anglers a dead only diet and acheiving long term success, one year is not success.

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