Which ATI Bulb Combination Should I Choose?

Discussion in 'ATI Aquaristik' started by ATI North America, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Hello dwwataz! Sorry I am not sure if this is directed at me or not but this is a tough question. The problem with "absurdly blue" is it is really in the eye of the beholder. I see tanks day after day that are absurdly blue to me, but loads of people love windex colored tanks. I prefer what I describe as the top 10-15' of ocean when diving or snorkeling, not so much the 60' depths (granted corals don't fluoresce while diving like reef tanks) often mimicked on reef tanks. The point is its very much what you personally prefer and not at all what others may agree with.

    I run not 1 but 2 Aqua Blue Special bulbs on my tank at the moment and love the color while many people wouldn't dream of touching the bulb. Many may call it yellow. (scroll up for photo)

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