Which one is better then the other?

Discussion in 'Reef LED Lights' started by Doop, Feb 22, 2018.

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    I have a 46 gallon bow front I’m trying to put together, my question is which of these lights would be better? I plan on having some nems in the future and soft corals. I’m learning the do’s and don’ts but trying my hardest to not spend a fortune so far and upgrade later when I get a bigger tank and have a little more experience with saltwater.
    I just received my ro/di so im on the water just need some advice on lights around that price range. I know the tank is 36” long and I believe it’s 24” deep. Thanks for some help! IMG_4375.JPG[​IMG]

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    The orbit will have better spread but significantly lower PAR. I’d go with the black box, and if you need to later on add a second one for spread and more consistent PAR. Look up BRSTV’s video on black box LED’s to get an idea of the coverage.

    I’d actually recommend you spend just a little more and get a better light. Otherwise in a year or two you’ll kick your own *** & spend the money anyway. SB Reef Lights are affordable and good, get a 32” model that actually has enough spread for your tank. You won’t get much better without spending a lot more. Or go with a solid reliable 4-6 bulb T5 fixture and only change bulbs every 18 months or so. BRS investigates recently debunked the 1 year bulb replacement thing for ATI bulbs.
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    I used the Currents when I first started and was disspointed, I would go with the Black Box LED and if you have a higher budget I would go with the Orphek Atlantik V4
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    This is the Sponsor Forum of ReefLEDLights.com Creators and Manufacturer of the Sirius XTC... Made/Manufactured In USA...

    We have done a lot of research and homework to include dissecting many LED Fixtures.

    It is my personal opinion that any fixture that does not use UL/CE listed parts and to take this deeper to specifically include Import Black Box Fixtures which have been to known to use unlabeled/generic electrical components with no serial/part number is simply compromising safety....

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