Whole tank foods - What actually makes sense?

Discussion in 'Reef Aquarium Discussion' started by -Logzor, Jun 4, 2011.

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    When feeding we have a handful of options. I can simply feed my fish pellets and call it a day or I can feed broadcast type foods that disperse into the water column.

    This is important: For the sake of argument I am going to assume that the broadcast foods are somehow providing more nutrition to my sps, dendros, zoanthids, and gorgonins than fish poop alone would. ASSUMING that, what foods make the most sense and which are just polluting my tank. In addition, of those that make sense to feed, how much is appropriate.

    So, which broadcast foods do you like using? Have they given you good results? Do they pollute your water at all?

    Below are some food that I would like to discuss:
    Golden Pearls
    Rods Food/Homemade food
    Oyster eggs
    Various reef nutrition liquid algae products
    Please add any others you have had experience with

    An important variable might be suspension time in the water column before the food rots...for example, golden pearls claim to stay suspended for hours and retain their nutrients for that duration.

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    i take the formula 1 cubes, prime reef cubes, some flake food, nori sheets, cyclopeze, a couple whole shrimp, and anything other that i feel like, and throw it in a blender with a little tank water, and then pour it into a large ziplock bag and freeze it.

    then when feeding the tank, i just throw it in the return and let the pump send it up to the tank. been feeding for years that way with no ill effects.

    one time i broke an impellor in my pump due to not letting the food thaw out before putting it tin the sump, so you got to remember to thaw it out first..
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    Cyclopeze is one of my favs. I never target feed my corals but they do get some yummy when this goes in. our club also makes a reef mush that includes most of what you have listed plus shrimp, oysters, scallops and other meaty yummies for the larger fishes. we also add to that chunks of nori, high quality flakes and pellets, selcon and some other things too i am sure i missed.
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