Who's using the MightyJet DC Pump for their Nano tank? Check out this cool new mounting system

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Oct 12, 2017
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Phoenix, AZ
The Innovative Marine MightyJet™ DC pump is a great little pump, but like most DC pumps, it doesn't come with a good mounting system for the controller. Well - that won't do, so we created the MJM - MightyJet DC Pump Controller Multi-Mount.

We wanted it to match the style and clean-lines of the Nuvo Fusion series tanks, so we designed the mount to snap-fit directly to the controller for a minimalist look and provide you with two options to mount the controller.


Hang-on Mounting

Hang it on the side of your all-in-one aquarium with the integrated hanger. Compatible with glass up to 12mm thick.


Wall Mounting
Mount the controller to the wall with the included mounting screw. The easy single-slot mounting system makes lining up multiple controllers quick and simple.

Now available online and soon to be available at your Local Fish Store, Dealers and our Distributors

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