Why is AI Nero 3 making bubbles ?

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Feb 21, 2021
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I just got my AI Nero 3 today and I really love it ! I’ve played with it this morning for about an hour to find the perfect setting (for now).

It’s in pulse mode, 1 second on, 1.5 second off. It’s on the right side of my Fluval EVO 13.5 (not in the sump), approximately 1.5 inches under the waterline. One outlet of my sicce 1.0 is aimed at the surface for good water agitation. This outlet is facing the Nero 3. The other outlet is a little more under water and shoots besides the Nero 3.

So why is the Nero 3 making bubbles randomly ? Could it be because it’s « eating » the oxygen created by the outlet facing it and spitting it out ?

Should I let it go or make it stop by moving the outlet and/or the Nero 3 ?

Or does it need to be deeper in the tank than 1.5 inch ?

Thank you !
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