With all my Google queries leading me here, it’s time for me to join the community

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Oct 12, 2020
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Punta Gorda
Good morning and welcome to the salty family!!
I would agree that the PH probes are fairly good. Some have replaceable probes that connect to Apex etc. I am not that high tech. (yet) I have used the battery operated ones with success and I think mine was from Amazon for like $20.
+1 on what @Jay Hemdal said regarding the muscles. I don't think it would be worth the effort.... they are better with garlic and butter.
Re the two tanks - yes, more volume is always better and two tanks allow you to have two different inhabitants or lighting systems. That said ... the point about one crashes, they both crash .... one gets dinos, they both get dinos ... keep that in mind.
Hannah ... some love them, some don't. I've preordered the new nitrate checker. I love the NYOS for ALK. I have used several Calcium kits and they always get the same reading, even API. Go by your budget and expand as your needs and budget grow.
If I have missed any questions ... just hit me up.
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May 8, 2006
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Welcome to your new home for saltwater reef aquarium resources and fun! Welcome to the family! :D

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Mar 6, 2021
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DFW Texas
I’m new to the hobby. 3 years ago, my son wanted fish. Long after he moved on to his next interest, I was still hooked. Before I knew what hit me, I had a tank room, a pond, and an above ground pond/water feature. As of yet, all my tanks have been freshwater. Now I’m ready to plan a reef tank or five. I’m reading books but getting personalized advice from pros can’t be substituted with study. I’m getting all my ducks in a row right now to prevent surprises & after making a list of what I need and what I have, I’m better prepared then I thought I was. By hoarding free items from craigslist for the last few years, im almost set! I have a few questions I’ve been wondering about for a while now if anyone wants to advise:
1) does a reliable ph pen exist? I wouldn’t count on the $10 ones but wonder about the $40-$60.
2) I love the hanna checkers. Which ones would I use and which ones could I skip because a test kit would suffice (if the perameter doesn’t need checking that often)
3) should I connect two 50gallon tanks in series to give me a bigger buffer? I was also thinking about a 55 olive barrel (clean) in addition to the sump for this.
4) I have mussels near me on the coast. I pry them off the rocks & eat them often which got me thinking… aren’t muscles great at filtration? Is it possible to quarantine them and integrate them somehow? I searched & searched but can’t find anything on this.
I better save my other questions for individual posts. In addition to getting help here, I plan on contributing as much as I can too. I appreciate the welcome.

Glad you joined - you are going to be GREAT addition to our reefing world!


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Apr 13, 2019
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Sonoma County
Wow! I just logged in to familiarize myself with this forum. I’ve joined lots of forums but never really stuck around. I am amazed at the welcome and really happy (and relieved) to find this place.
Whenever I pick something up from Craigslist or FB marketplace, The seller is usually happy to show me their setup. Because I don’t have friends in the hobby, I pepper the seller with questions. I try to remember everything I’ve been wondering about or failing at. Either I am too dense to notice their annoyance or so far they are happy to share their knowledge. Finding this forum will help me expand my knowledge base.
This hobby has crazy rabbit holes with intricacies that don’t often come with a manual.
I was writing down local aquatic clubs with their meetup dates when covid hit.
I’m about to do some more complicated **** and trial and error gonna cut it anymore. Your guidance will be much appreciated!
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