Worst week, now Trigger fish is sick


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Oct 6, 2018
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Hi guys,
After losing my Flagfin to Uronoma, I woke up this morning to see a light coating on my Blue Chin Trigger and seems like velvet. Can you help confirm and offer ANY advice for treating in a reef tank (there's no way I can get him out). I have 0 invertibrates, 3 anenomomes, and a few corals.

I know I most likely about to lose my entire tank and am beyond sad. Is there ANYTHING I can treat the tank w/ medication that is soaked up in the food so as to not harm the reef tank?

NOTE: he is swimming and voraciously hungry ... does that mean anything potentially positive? From what I'm learning, by the time you see it on the body, it's too late. Would he still be as hungry and full of energy if he had velvet?? I'm reaching here probably, but I have to ask.

UPDATE: on closer viewing, when he turns to the side, I can see raised bumps ... might that point to ick?

Hoping and praying ....
Trigger Fish Velvet.jpg
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