Wow just won a 75 gallon tank from Crystal Dynamics @ SDTFS Virtual 2020 Show Build Out

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Oct 12, 2015
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Lakeside Ca
Wow just won a 75 gallon tank and steel stand from Crystal Dynamics @ SDTFS Virtual 2020 Show! The tank is 30x30x21 and drilled for 16 Modular Marine overflow. San Diego Tropical Fish Society have a fish show every year at Balboa Park, this year it was virtual due to shut down for Covid. Now I have a 90 build going and also this 75 it rains it pours.

Link to 90 build out.

So far I do have some equipment already for the new build.

75 gal tank 30x30x21 Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg.
Metal stand being built by Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg.
16 Modular Marine overflow
IceCap 30 Sump 30 x 16 x 16

So have a leg up on this build already now to figure out where they will go have a spot for 90 may just sit side by side on the one kind of cool maybe. That way I could run my Apex for both tanks just add a few modules and its done. I am also thinking of running two smaller pumps on this tank one for each return. Reason being if one fails always have one running, and have 1-2 spare pumps in case....just a brain fart of course.



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