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Sep 16, 2018
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Had a run of velvet 90 days ago and just cleared my fallow period. I'm looking for fish from established tanks that are reef safe.

I already have the following:

Yellow Tang
Six Line Wrasse
2x Percula Clowns

The tank is a mixed, 120g reef with clams.

There's nothing in particular I'm looking for, but it has to 'fit' into the tank. Of particular interest would be wrasses from the Cirrhilabrus family. I would also consider other reef safe wrasses.

Just let me know what you have, and how much you're asking, and I'll see if it's something we could make work. Thanks!

What is the deciding factor(s) for why you choose the salt you use? Mulitple choice available!

  • Price

    Votes: 228 40.7%
  • Brand Loyality

    Votes: 67 12.0%
  • Mixes Easy

    Votes: 184 32.9%
  • Mixes Clean

    Votes: 216 38.6%
  • Mixes to the right parameters

    Votes: 341 60.9%
  • Easy to get

    Votes: 165 29.5%
  • Other (please post in the thread)

    Votes: 33 5.9%

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