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WYSIWIG Zoa packs and meat coral

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Oct 12, 2015
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New Jersey
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Hey everyone, I have a 2 wysiwig zoa packs for sale and a nice acantho. All frags are currently healed and ready to ship. Any question please send me a PM.

I accept PayPal for payment. Is shipping, after purchase we can set a ship out date that works for both of us and safe for the arrival of the corals. I will monitor the weather to make sure there's no inclement weather (my location, your location and the hubs the shipment will go through).

Shipping is $50 extra and is next day air by 12:00 pm to most places. I ship in an insulated cooler with UPS. I also offer local pickup in Rockaway, NJ.

Acantho - about 4"x4"- $325

Zoa pack #1 $250 - deathstars, exospers, fairy farts, sticker shocks, flaming mohicans, mind tricks, venom, butt kraks

20230126_190211-01.jpeg 20230126_190214-01.jpeg 20230126_190202-01.jpeg 20230126_190205-01.jpeg 20230126_190208-01.jpeg 20230126_190223-01.jpeg 20230126_190219-01.jpeg 20230126_190242-01.jpeg

Zoa pack 2 - $150 - gopstoppers, tyree rainbow, bam bams, bella donnas, rastas, blueberry fields, sakuras, frozen hornets, JF mystiques, hawaiin ding dangs

20230126_190125-01.jpeg 20230126_190128-01.jpeg 20230126_190131-01.jpeg 20230126_190134-01.jpeg 20230126_190137-01.jpeg 20230126_190143-01.jpeg 20230126_190145-01.jpeg 20230126_190152-01.jpeg 20230126_190154-01.jpeg 20230126_190300-01.jpeg
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