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WYSIWYG Shrooms, Gonis, Dragon Soul Torch

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Oct 25, 2016
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WYSIWYG. Flat shipping rate of $55 for overnight shipping to lower 48 states. PayPal required to hold. No exceptions. Not looking for trades at the moment. Seller feedback located here & here.

A. [SOLD] Jawbreaker (1.25") #1
B. [SOLD] Jawbreaker (1") #2
C. [SOLD] Uranium Bounce (1")
D. [SOLD] Flaming Lotus #1
E. [SOLD] Flaming Lotus #2

F. Flaming Lotus #3 - $175
G. Dragon Soul Torch Two Heads - $200

A. Jawbreaker (1.25") #1

B. Jawbreaker (1") #2

C. Uranium Bounce (1")

D. Flaming Lotus #1

E. Flaming Lotus #2

F. Flaming Lotus #3

G. Dragon Soul Torch Two Heads

** Pictures Taken under Radion G4 Pros.

** DOA policy: Guaranteed live arrival if shipment is opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. I am not responsible for shipper delays, shipper errors, or acts of God. Picture or video of coral or anemone in the original bag PRIOR to opening is required as well as after opening. Must provide temperature of water in bag immediately upon opening for DOA purposes. Coral or anemone will be replaced in the event of a DOA if available with a like-sized piece in a reasonable time frame or the purchase price will be refunded minus cost of shipping. Costs of shipping are the responsibility of buyer.

** Payment must be received within 2 hours of agreement to purchase otherwise I reserve the right to move onto another buyer.
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