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XHO-K26 LED Add-On Kit - For Hydra 26 & 32 HD - Reef Brite

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Feb 16, 2009
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I have 6 kits, they were used for 1 month on a 300 gallon system I sold. I was going to keep them but have no reason to do so. I did have REEFBRITE send some bigger ballasts so with 2 Y's it will run 2 Kits (4 LED bars) with 1 power cord. So if someone wanted to buy 2 you can use 1 PSU to run 4 RB bars, each kit comes with 2 x 11.125" blue Actinic XHO LED's and bars. I can do that with a total of 2 dual kits *(8 LED Bars) and the other 2 use standard single ballast or all of them with 1 ballast per kit.

$75 shipped per kit.

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