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XL Show Size Blue Haddoni Carpet Anemone



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May 22, 2018
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I have a beautiful show size blue haddoni carpet anemone. This color haddoni is not common let alone in this size. Larger than a basketball. At one time when it was fully opened it stretched almost 16” across. This is truly a beautiful one of a kind piece. Has been in my system for over a year. Looking to change directions with the tank it’s in and really don’t have another tank that would suit it. Never had any issues with it eating my fish. Eats krill and other frozen food almost daily. Price is $625 shipped. Serious inquiries only please. If you’re local to metro Detroit area might trade for hunting equipment. Please text 734-725-98fiveO if you’re interested.

CF25F382-4C03-4AF6-80CE-D38E6C384BBE.jpeg F8136262-9456-4890-8CD1-24E7459AF934.jpeg 7F881439-85F6-4695-AA6A-CF3351AC6C72.jpeg 157F03BC-CBB5-4341-8EC1-608D8A3A52EC.jpeg E9DA83A3-025C-4191-8CD3-4030B7EE4CD3.jpeg 2B4781AD-C088-403F-9861-9A0A8BD1071C.jpeg 6F5910EE-4642-4DEB-ADCF-7B6168AB9F36.jpeg DC1E9682-2C08-4EB2-94AA-8C33B4C94C03.jpeg B0ACD762-A192-4A0C-AF42-4EED8EA3D62F.jpeg
Reef Chasers Aquaculture


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Apr 30, 2010
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Northville, Michigan
Bump for a great seller. I have purchased many corals from Chris and they are always healthy and his prices are great. Would jump on this myself if my CSB would play nice with it. GLWS
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