Yet another weird worm: White/Gray body with black stripes, black tail


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Jan 11, 2022
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I've noticed there are a lot of posts about worms already but I don't have time to check each one. So sorry but here's another one!

Backstory: Bought a bunch of macroalgae from Gulf Coast Ecosystems and noticed a weird worm still alive between a bunch of branching Coralline algae. When I poke it, it kinda sinks into the algae (See Video).

The first 2 photos is the huge one thats still alive, the second photo is a what looks to be a smaller version that died.

I am holding off of adding this to my tank until I can confirm it's safe. If it is, what should I feed it?

Edit: Sorry the back is not really striped, it's speckled dots
Edit 2: My bad the orange thing is not attached to the worm (See last photo). The head/butt looks exactly like the dead one.

IMG_E1374.JPG IMG_E1397.JPG IMG_1388.jpeg


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