Zoa Eating Spider


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Nov 2, 2020
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Back in February I dipped some zoanthids I had purchased online in peroxide, after observing them for a few minutes I saw some zoa eating spiders floating in the cup.

I discarded those frags and all but one zoa eating spider, which I kept in small container. I have over 30 different zoanthids in my reef tank so I proceeded to dip all of them just to be safe.

I decided to keep the zoa eating spider to photograph it, but never really got to it. The container sat behind my reef tank for four months. This morning I needed an extra container to transport some frags to a coworker. I remembered I had the container housing the zoa eating spider, my intentions were to dump the spider, clean the container and reuse it but after observing the spider for a few seconds I noticed it moved!

Yep! It’s still alive, it survived 4 months in under 2 ounces of saltwater. The spider lost all its coloration but it’s still hanging on! Incredible.

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