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Zoa Pack: Death stars, fairy farts, citric acid, white zombie, awesome blossom and more

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Sep 15, 2019
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Numbers from left (letter side in case the picture spins) to right

Happy to do pack pricing and free shipping at 350

I1 1p fairy farts $40
I2 2p fairy farts sold
H1 4p AOI $50
H2 3p AOI sold
H3 3P Buttmunchers sold
H4 jawbreakers mushroom $120
G1 7p awesome blossom $100
G2 10p awesome blossom sold
G3 5p awesome blossom $80
G4 jawbreaker mushroom $80
F1 1p white zombie $20
F2 1p white zombie $20
F3 1p white zombie $20
E1 1p white zombie $20
E2 1p white zombie $20
E3 1p white zombie $20
E4 2p white zombie $30
D1 1p white zombie $20
D2 1p white zombie sold
D3 2p white zombie sold
C1 2p Death stars $160
C2 2p Death stars $160
C3 1p Death stars $90
C4 1p Death stars $90
B1 1p Hyper jubilee $40
B2 2p Death stars $160
B3 1p Death stars $90
A1 1p Hyper jubilee $40
A2 1p Citric acid $40
A3 2p Citric acid $70
A4 2p Citric acid $70

Open to swapping for a few specific high end zoas (Exosphere, Rainbow Eclipse, Flaming Mohican, Speckled Kraks are on the list)
Or a few acros (Orange passion, homewrecker)

I also have a lot more Zoa frags of the following, if you want to build a specific pack happy to provide specific frag sizes and pricing available

Fairy farts
Awesome blossom
Death stars
Butt munchers
White zombies
Koala eye
Bamm bamm
Orange oxide
Scrambled eggs
Sakura sunrise
Tubbs blue
Strawberry wine
Cats eyes
Fruit loops
Utter peace
Pink hippo
Purple hornets
Blue hornets
Red hornets
My clementine
Rainbow trolls
Mega rainbow
Gilded jokers
Grimm reapers
Sunny d
Candy apple red
Vamps in drag
Eagle eye/jungle juice
Purple monster
Citric acid
Hyper jubilee
Black people eater
Red people eater
King midas
LA Lakers
But kissers
Blue ******
Ufo hornets
Halloween hornets
Green Bay packers
Hawaiian people eater

DOA. I know zoas aren't one of those corals that arrive clearly dead even if overly stressed while shipping, but I also don't have a way to validate that once you get possession they are handled right and there aren't parameter issues in your tank. Given that I ask the following. If you believe there is an issue upon arrival you must notify me within 2 hours of the delivery time stamp with clear pictures of the corals in their original bags. From there we can stay in contact to work together on the best solution, up to replacement/credit of the frag in question. Shipping costs are not covered and I assume risk until delivery.

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