Zoas are closed up..

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Feb 10, 2014
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How it going everybody, got some issues with my zoas. :( Some of my zoas are closed up and I can not figure out why. I'm familiar with spiders and nudis, and I see no signs of pox either. The tank is relatively new(3 months), could that be it? Also, FYI I have tons of of SPS and all of which are super happy.
Here are my levels if it helps:
SG: 1.025
ALK: 8.3
CA: 430
MAG: 1200- I am aware that its low. I'm using a special two part that has the Mag in with the calcium supplement.(BTW i've also tried to raise it independently (did multiple 200ml manual doses with bright well and still could not get it up[its a 100gal system].CA and ALK are very stable though. everythings on a dosing pump.)
NO3: 0.0ppm
PO4: 0.04
any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


They look fine. Just don't mess with them. Some days they look great, other times they close up due to some irritant. Keep a close eye for anything but that may be on them. Some times asterinas get on them and you have to pluck them out.

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