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    how deep do LED's penetrate and does height from water effect that?

    i was just woundering how deep led's are able to keep sps lps corals alive at? I know it depends on bulbs and watts but lets say a 1watt xp-g cree and 3watt. Also i have my lights about 3 1/2" above the water will this effect their efficiency? The led's i'm thinking of are whatever type are in truelumen pro's 12k and 453nm blue, and the new ecoxotics panorama pro 12K's which i believe are 3watt's ran at 1.7watts but dunt know truelumens wattage.. I have the rgb too from ecoxotic if anyone know their efficiencey compared to the 12K's or any of their 12" pro modules that would be great and if the reflectors actually make a noticable difference?

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    Sorry, I don't know about those specific LEDs, but I can give you some general information. The height above the water does matter- not as much as the depth of the water, but not an insignificant amount either. The further you are from the water, the lower the PAR. You won't see much of a difference in PAR by raising the lights a few inches, but several feet will have a noticeable impact. I have mine the same distance above the water as you do.

    Optics definitely make a difference. Also, the higher your LEDs are, the narrower you need the optics.


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    Prob you will have with LEDs being closer to the water the colors don't blend together as much from my experience

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