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  1. SkiCatTX

    Build Thread SkiCat's Dream Build: [Saving The] Planet 180 - The Making Of An Epic Aquacultured Mixed Reef

    Introduction It has long been a dream of mine to build a larger tank (like no doubt many of us) since I started keeping marine fish a century ago (approximately). After putting it off for far too long, I have finally decided to go all in on a new dream build! As with many things I set my mind...
  2. SkiCatTX

    Rimless 180 or 225? What are the best dimensions? Eurobracing required?

    I am in the market for a new tank in the range of around 180 to 225 Rimless. Thought I have been keeping fish and corals for over 20 years, the largest tank I've had was a 40g with a 10g sump, and I currently have a 28g and 10g, so this will be completely new territory for me. I have a space in...
  3. Irishman

    Large Build Irishman 180 Build

    This would be my third tank overall. I started with a 60 cube, upgraded to a 120 and got a 180 on a killer deal. I just recently moved out of state and brought the 120 and 180 with dual overflow. Going to sell my 120 and get a different tank, hopefully the red sea peninsula tank. But for...
  4. iced98lx

    Large Build Chris' 180 Gallon In Wall Office Tank

    Hi All! Migrating here from RC (http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2164285) but I'll try to do a very abbreviated version of a 7 year build. I've condensed 7 years into 140 or so photos. I'll start with the build, then go through the repeated failures and then pick up where we...
  5. Mike N

    Large Build High Quality 180-200g Tall Tanks?

    I'm looking for a high quality, 180-200g tall tank with a good reputation. It's going in our office wall. I've seen glasscages.com mentioned in various threads and their prices look very good. Is there another high quality tank manufacturer I should be looking at? The space we have to work...