acroprora tenuis

  1. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts Live Goods SPS "you pick" Collector 16-20 pack (rte 66, TSA, RR, RRC, RRU, TJM, WWC, TGC, CRT)

    You choose: $600 original now $550 shipped for 16 pack $650 original now $600 shipped for 18 pack $700 original now $650 shipped for 20 pack See below for names Front row (l-r) - tgc dragonknight, rru Orange passion, tsa ultimate sunset mille rear ro (l-r) - rrc rainbow splice front row...
  2. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts Live Goods SPS Collector 16 Pack (RRC,TGC, RR, CC, CRT, TSA)

    $650 shipped Front (l-r) - RRC CJ's pinky, Snipers OG Voltron Mille, TGC Bugatti, TSA Princess Peach, CRT Toxic Lemonade, RRC Rainbow Splice, TGC Crazy eyes, RRC Tropicana, TSA Ultimate Sunset Mille, TGC Red Wing Mille REAR (L-R) - TGC Dragonknight, RRC Supreme, CRT Lava Girl, RR Bleeding...
  3. alecj

    Acropora show off

    Hey everyone, i’m making this thread to show off some of my acropora i’m growing, first i’d like to start with this RR Dragon Fruit, the rainbow polyps are truly unique!