ai 32hd

  1. Raptor72

    Large Build Raptor’s WATERBOX LX 330.7

    Greetings and salutations. I’m starting this build thread after being here for several years without one. My previous RS 750 (V1) almost ended with catastrophic results at the end of 2023, but I caught the issue in time. After much research, I decided on a Waterbox 330.7 to fill the niche in...
  2. zaidalin79

    Lighting ReefBrite XHO Add-on for Ai 32hd with splitter/dimmer cable

    ReefBrite XHO add-on for Ai 32HD and splitter cable. Ai 32HD NOT INCLUDED, Reefbrite attachment and splitter cable ONLY. Excellent condition. $100.
  3. jason2459

    Build Thread Jason's Tank Journey

    I've been on this site for a little while now and I'm finally building a new tank for an older aquarium. I guess I'll do a "quick" recap up to this point. I started with a 55g I got from my sister-in-law around 2006. 55g with some coral life compact Florence and some glo T5s, CPR Skimmer and...

    Connecticut 2 AI Hydra 32Hd white (No Arm Mount)

    Selling My 2 white hydra 32 hd. Both units are in perfect condition and have been on the tank for about a year. These units do not have the arms as I have them mount on a T5 fixture. Selling for $200 each or $400 for the pair. Would take trades for noopsyche K7 v3 pro
  5. A

    Acclimating lights from hydra 26 to 32s?

    For those who made the switch already is there a real need to acclimate the lighting between the 26 and the 32? I have a old 26 and 52 that i used( the 52 for the sps side and the 26 for the zoa side and just lighting ). Is there a difference the new and old gen but just more of the same...