aio reef aquarium

  1. R

    Ticking time bombs in the living room: Is it time for kit aquarium manufactures to up their game?

    The aesthetics of a rimless aquarium are noteworthy. Clean lines, top-down views, and the compelling physics of silicone's holding capacity. It's no wonder people are drawn to this look. With this said.. Almost daily, there's a post of rimless tank disaster, often a seam failure manifesting as a...
  2. Neseem

    AIO Build Innovative Marine 30L Build

    Hello Reefers! I've been setting up an Innovative Marine 30L AIO for a few months now and wanted to share! I plan on mainly keeping LPS specifically Euphyllia. Equipment: 2 IM MightyJet Return Pumps 2 VCA RFG's (With the Slip Fit Drop connector) 2 AI Nero 3's 2 AI Prime16 HD Lights/Mounting...
  3. Manonfire0815

    AIO Build Wish I had gotten a bigger AIO

    Hi every one. I'm new to the marine tank experience and I have found myself wishing I would have purchased a much larger AIO. I'm thinking of selling my Waterbox Cube 20 and stand to purchase a bigger Waterbox or some other brand of AIO. If you have had the same thoughts post the AIO you...
  4. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) Small All In One (AIO) aquarium

    Hello Reefers, I wanted to share how I built my aquarium3 years ago, I wasn't a Youtuber at that time but for some reasons I filmed most of the process and I wanted to share my experience with you. This built work flawlessly, can't complain much about the design, it works, but I'm always...