apex code

  1. TangoTang16

    Return Pump Programming

    Hello, So I have been having issues with my feed mode codes lately which trigger the apex to cancel the feed mode automatically. What I would like to do is for the return pump to just respond to one feed mode and not Feed A,B,C. Here is my code for my two powerheads: Fallback OFF Set ON If...
  2. yepreef

    Apex Code Help.

    “Fallback ON Set ON If Sw4 CLOSED Then OFF If Sw5 CLOSED Then OFF If Output FeedMode = ON Then OFF If Sw3 CLOSED Then OFF If Sw2 CLOSED Then OFF If Sw1 CLOSED Then OFF” So this is my skimmer’s code for other functions. Can someone please help me add code for this : Turn off skimmer for 30 min...
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