automatic filter roll

  1. M

    What skimmer for 50G heavy bioload with automatic filter roller

    I have a 50G where I mostly keep LPS and tubastrea. But I wanna keep NPS soft corals (i.e. red finger gorgonian) later down the road, so I'd consider this a heavy bioload 50G. ;DeadCurrent setup and problem. Originally, I only used a skimmer for mechanical filtration so I got an oversized one...
  2. sdreef

    Automatic Filter Roller Extending Fleece Life with Apex

    I have a Clarisea SK-5000 on a new system, but figure this could apply to any automatic roller. I was considering having the filter rollers turned off via the apex except for once or twice a day. I have not had the automatic roller for long, so I am wondering if anyone can think of any issues...
  3. Kaleb

    AquaMaxx AF-1 Filter Roller

    I bought an AquaMaxx AF-1 Filter Roller. It seems to be working great! There is some pass though of detritus getting into my sump. I wanted to know if this is normal with all Filter rollers or if this is because I bought a low cost one. Would love to know your experience with this same roller...
  4. geo

    GEO AFR Sumps - good article

    Learn more about GEO's Automatic Filter Roll Sumps: