beginer builds

  1. cubonano

    Tips needed in setting a nano reef for goby and pistol shrimp

    Hello, I am very excited to be here, I am setting up my 45 cm nano tank and was thinking of keeping 3 different types of fish from the following list: Tank Size: L: 45 cm, W: 28 cm, H: 30 cm Volume: 8.3 gallons Livestock 1. Goby 2. Pistol Shrimp 3. Tailspot Blenny / Fire Fish / Clown Fish /...
  2. Sebastian_P

    Opinion on this roster of fish for a 126 gallon aquarium as a first timer?

    Hello everyone, I got a new 126 gallon aquarium and been doing some shopping for which fish I should add to the tank. I came up with this list. In your opinion, are these good picks or should I reconsider? (1) Yellow Tang (1) Six-Line Wrasse (1) Azure Damselfish (2) Common Clownfish (2-3)...
  3. agame2021

    Which tank shape and size is your favorite?

    I am looking to build a tank here in the next 5 years and want to plan it out. I want to go big between 300-500 gallons for the total system. I think I am starting to want a tank around 5x5 foot and 18 inches deep. I like looking thru the water and see the fish/corals/live rock/etc… but I want...