blasto merletti

  1. skantounis

    Mushrooms & Blastos & More, Oh My!

    As medical school begins again, I have to consolidate as I know im not going to have much down time. All pictures were taken under Kessil/T5 Hybrid on an iPhone 12 ProMax. Shipping is a flat rate of $50, will not ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Will meet in person somewhere on Long Island/NYC. Any...
  2. ygon

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Massive ECC Blue Raven and CB Arctic Blasts Blasto Colonies

    Asking $250 shipped each, too many heads to count.
  3. OuteastREEFS

    New York Live Goods Rainbow Blasto, Deadpool Blasto, Rainbow Acan, Chiquita Zoa and more

    Rainbow Blastomussa (with purple streak) $100 Purple and yellow Rim Blastomussa $60 Deadpool Blastomussa (second pic is one of the main colonies for reference NFS) $200 Rainbow Acan $100 Chiquita Zoa polyp $40
  4. cheras

    Illinois SOLD Torches, Zoas, blastos, gonis

    Here are some corals I have available. I'm located in Northwest of Chicago in 60634. Cotton Candy torch - $50 per head Zoa pack - $150 Pink diamonds 2p, Devil's armour 1p, Pink Krak 1p, Utter chaos 3p, JF Frankie's Acid Trip 4p, Butt muncher 2p Octospawn - $40 per head. I can also...
  5. OuteastREEFS

    New York Live Goods Unique Mixed Blue raven and purple Merletti blastos. Calling blasto collectors

    Really cool mixed mini colony - blue raven and purple blasto Merlettis. Growing perfectly in harmony. 100
  6. cheras

    Illinois Live Goods Green torches, octospawns, zoas, mushrooms, acans, blasto, chalice

    Here are some corals I have available. I can ship it or local pick up in 60634. Green torch - $75 single, $150 double Octospawns - $40 per head Zoas - $15 Fireworks clove polyps - $15 each Mushroom - I don't remember the name (Peacock maybe) - $50 3inches in diameter...
  7. OuteastREEFS

    New York Live Goods Calling blasto collectors. Blue Ravens/XL blasto head, splatter blasto

    RAINBOW splatter $150
  8. OuteastREEFS

    Order by 4pm eastern to ship today!!! Still some nice pieces available.

    use code R2R for 10% off today only Click on photo to purchase $220.00 Bounce mushroom 1
  9. cheras

    Illinois Live Goods HG Torch, Green Torch, Zoas, Acans, Blasto, Mushroom, and Chalice

    I have a few items for sale. Local pick up only in NW of Chicago. 60634. HG Torch $550 single $1000 double Green torch $80 Zoas - $25 each Acans and Blasto - $25 each Super Saying Mushroom (SBB Corals) $25 Mummy Eye Chalice - $15 each
  10. The_anonymous_reefer

    Blastos - Ever seen these?!

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen these blastos before?... Blasto Merletti i believe.
  11. J

    California Zoa's by the bunch... Purple Hornets, bam bams, magicians priced to move....

    I have the following frags ready to go: 1x plug of tyree war coral (about 11 eyes) .....10$ 1x head WYSIWYG Blasto Merletti... 25$ 2x head WYSIWYG Blasto Merletti .. 40$ zoas: 6x of WWC red magician..... 45$ three plugs of 10+ Purple hornet frags... 50$ each two plugs of 6-10 Purple...