1. SCH14

    Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Skimmers Drygoods High end tank break down sale

    Breaking down my 310g planet. For sale Apex A3 Pro Controller System (With probes), no trident or energy bar just the Apex—- $600 MP60QD- less than 6 months old $650 4x Brand New in box Radion XR30 G6 Blues $725 per ----- (2 LEFT) Reef Octopus 300 INT Skimmer used for 6 months- $750 Gyre XF350...
  2. SCH14

    Missouri Aquariums Drygoods Planet Aquarium 310g 96x30x25

    Selling my 310g Planet Aquarium 96x30x25 Custom ordered almost 1 year ago, has been running for less than 10 months. Comes with stand canopy and icecap 48xl sump, and return pump vectra L2 Local pickup in St. Louis Missouri. Price drop - $3,800
  3. _divad

    Powerheads Filters Drygoods Marinepure Large Block, Eshopps External Overflow, Jebao RW-8(x2) & RW-15, Milwaukee Lux Meter

    All prices are shipped, via UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail, depending on who is cheaper. IF you are in the bay area, I am in Richmond close to richmond bart and available after 5pm during the week. If you have any questions, text is best. 510 685 3038. -David $40 Milwaukee SM700...
  4. mannyhernz

    LED Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Breaking down sale dry goods

    Breaking down tank Located in los angeles Shipping available Have some things available Fish trap - 25$ Frag rack - 25$ Ice cap k120 skimmer - 100$ Flipper magnet medium - 25$ 300w titanium heater - 25$ Skimz - 4 chamber dosing container - 60$ 1 - jebao DCS 9000 pumps 95$ each Kessil h80...
  5. W

    Aiptasia recovery

    Introduced a frag with aiptasia and resulted in this…. A year after recovery - Never give up if you love the hobby
  6. taylormaximus

    Fallow period vs tank breakdown

    Hey guys, so I started my first saltwater tank this year, added a firefish goby which almost instantly got ich and died. Now my tank is completely empty and I'm completely sad. Leaving out details of that story that I mentioned in other threads, my main issue now is that my display tank most...
  7. Morphinel

    New Jersey Live Goods Tank Breakdown

    Hello All, I am breaking down my tank and have a few items remaining. Corals: Red & Gold Symphillia - $300 Pearl Bubble Coral - $40 Blue/Green Indophyllia - $200 Red Goni frag - $25 Really nice Blasto frag 3-4 heads - $50 Assorted Zoas and Palys - $30 and 3-50 heads on each Huge Rainbow...
  8. Morphinel

    New Jersey New York Staten Island/NYC - OUT OF HOBBY SALE! All must go!

    Hello, Have to breakdown my tank starting with livestock. I have a mix of zoas, mushrooms, hammers, torches, and a bunch of other stuff. Some of it is low end and some higher end stuff like magic carpet mushroom, etc. I don’t know names of most of this stuff. Shoot me a text if you want to come...
  9. Omarons

    Washington Live Goods Lots of coral for sale - will ship for cheap

    Have lots of coral for sale ! will ship from Redmond WA for $20-$30 depending on where prices in pictures
  10. Dawsokj1988

    Texas Tank Break-Down Sale! All sorts of goodies (Texas, DFW Local Pickup Only)

    I'm starting with local pickup only. I'm located in Fort Worth. Depending on what sells and what doesn't sell, I'll move to shipping in the future (possibly). Hey all. I've broken down my tank and I'm selling all sorts of items. I've created a spreadsheet of all the major equipment pieces...
  11. Ozelaf44

    New Jersey Uranium Bounce Mushrooms, Fish, and More!

    Hello! Doing a Tank breakdown as I am leaving for college soon and I lacked on maintenance on my tank. After I sell all of the livestock I'll be selling a lot of equipment as well, below is what I have available. Please contact me through email or text as I don't check the forums often. Email -...
  12. Dommerguy

    New Jersey TANK BREAKDOWN Selling all livestock

    NORTH JERSEY 07444, No shipping! Other misc stuff is pretty cheap also dry goods 2 clowns (longin&fancy) 1 midas 1 sixline 1Ruby dragonette Misc cleanup crew Kenya tree, Stunner chalice Acorn x2 one orange, one tiny yellow Long polyp leather splattered frogspawn 4 head. $90 Green/ orange...
  13. MLSReefer

    Arizona Break Down Sale

    x2 Jebao RW-8 - used for 11 months, works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $80 for both / $40 ea + shipping Water Blaster HY-5000 - used but works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $140 + shipping 1 micron and 0.5 micron pre filters -sediment and carbon- new. Can bundle. pm me + shipping...