brittle sea star

  1. I

    Blunt spine brittle star reef safe?

    Hello! My LFS had a black blunt spine brittle star on sale and I made an impulse purchase because I love the way they look. I know most brittle stars are reef safe but I’ve read that some may eat fish. Does anyone have experience with this type of brittle star?
  2. Nutramar Foods

    The Interesting Incrassata

    Ophiarachna incrassata is one of a large group of sea stars that we often lump together as “Brittle Stars,” and is most often referred to as the Fancy Green Brittle Star. It is also, somewhat unimaginatively also called the Large Brittle Star. In Germany, they call it Olivgrüner Schlangenstern...
  3. tdog

    Tennessee WTB WTB Micro Brittle Starfish, Cerith snails and Trochus snails

    As the title says, looking for those inverts. I would prefer local pick up in middle TN. But shipping is okay too. Lmk what you’ve got!
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Reef safe starfish

    Are this variety of micro stars reef safe? A friend gave me some macro full of them and if they’re gonna get huge and eat fish I don’t want them in my tank.
  5. JennyH3

    Baby Brittle starfish or coral pest?

    I just received my WWC live sale corals - during the dip this little guy came off. I emailed them to ask also - but thought you all would know as well. 2nd opinions always good Is this a baby brittle starfish or a coral pest? if it’s a brittle I’m totally keeping it.
  6. Karen00

    Help: Where should I place my brittle star in tank

    Hello fellow saltines, I just got some new corals and when I was dipping a brittle star came off. I'm excited because I normally just get bristleworms. :-) Where do I put him in my tank? Do I put him on the sand bed or a rock. I also noticed half a brittle star. Not sure if these legs came off...
  7. T

    Red Brittle Starfish had BABIES. Care/Feeding Advice? Will pistol shrimp/goby pair OR bristle worm eat them?

    Hello All, I've had a red, brittle starfish for a few months and recently saw about 10 miniature (Image 2 is one of the 10 starfish), clear brittle starfish emerge from a hole in my live rock under a hammer coral, ranging in size of 2-5 mm diameter. These little guys have been hanging in there...
  8. alex__

    Micro Brittle Starfish?

    Hello :) I have been looking to get some micro brittle starfish for my nano (the ones that get an inch big) i heard they were common hitchhikers so i was wondering if anyone has any in surplus??
  9. Lylelovett

    Feeding a big fancy brittle star - how much/how often?

    Hi all, I have a big Fancy Brittle Sea Star; the kind with the stripes down its arms. I'd say it's 10-12" from tip to tip with a center disc of 2.5" or so. I'm curious how much you feed and how often? I've had some smaller fish disappear here and there - in the 2-3" range - and while I've...