cheap coral

  1. eraser2001

    South Carolina Live Goods Price updated Sps easy frag pack for sell

    Hello reefer, I have SPS frag pack for sell. Shipping is $45 inside 48 state. Standard DOA applies (Picture in the bag within 1 hr. of getting the coral first attending the carrier). I am not responsible for the UPS delay. Shipping cost is not refundable. PM is a better way to communicate with...
  2. ReefStable

    Reef Stable - Clove Polyps (Beginner Coral)!

    Clove Polyps! A GREAT Beginner Coral That Adds Color And Movement to Your Reef Tank! Best Of All, They Are Cheap Enough To Collect Them All! Use Promo Code REEF2REEF for 10% OFF!
  3. Tegridy Reef

    Florida Live Goods For sale Colorado Sunburst, Bounce Mushroom and cheap corals

    Selling some Colorado Sunburst and some bounce mushroom and some cheap stuff. I'm in Winter Garden Florida if you want to meet local here is the location, I like to use its a Starbucks 16065 New Independence Pkwy, Winter Garden, FL 34787 Shipping is $20 and free at 150 dollars. DOA is 3 hrs...
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