1. M

    EMERGENCY Chloroquine treatment in DT for Velvet

    Hello everyone, In my previous post, I have been battling what appeared to be ich, but after some progression of the disease, I came to the conclusion that it was velvet. I have been treating the DT with H202, which has slowed down the progression of losses but has not completely eliminated...
  2. 1

    Quarantining Red Ruby and Scooter Dragonets

    I'm currently expecting to acquire either a Red Ruby or Scooter Dragonets. They've been with a seller for several months now. However, I would like to quarantine it. Could you confirm whether the HTTM is the current best method to quarantine a dragonet? @Humblefish has replied in 2019 to the...
  3. E


    My 250g (total) fish only system has been up for about six or seven months. In the first week of June I will be transferring all the fish into a 550g system. When I started I bought 13 fish and added a quarantine dose of either Copper Power or Cuprimine (I have forgotten which). 8 have...
  4. B Lo

    Standard treatment for ich

    So I have a filefish with two little white dots on a fin. They've been there a while and haven't changed. I don't know that it's ich. Long story short, I posted about the issue on this forum and I decided to take every fish out of my display system and put them in quarantine. I have two...
  5. MnFish1

    QT - Why it sometimes fails?

    I would like to hear from people who 'Quarantine' their fish - not from those who do not use this method. This is not designed to determine what percent of people use QT methods - but rather those who do - what percentage have had a failure.... Lets discuss the reasons why it is 'great' -...
  6. C

    Local Vet for Chloroquine prescription

    Has anyone found a vet in CT that is willing to write a prescription for Chloroquine? Would love to order some from Dimondback to have on hand for quarantine.