cipro protocol

  1. BighohoReef

    Dosing Cipro: What brand? Does it matter... My battle with BJD

    I'm dealing with a case of BJD and found this gem of an article (below) I want to give it a go but there is no reference to a brand of cipro (Ciprofloxacin)... I was gonna snag a bottle of Thomas Labs but then decided to take it to the forum. Experimenting with in-tank antibiotic treatments...
  2. OrionN

    Protocol for using antibiotics to treat infected anemones

    This is a re-post of what I wrote in ReefCentral on 3/09/2013 Many anemone keepers know, the collection and shipping process from ocean to local fish store (LFS) is a stressful event. Most host anemones do not survive this process without help, especially H. magnifica and S. gigantea. Other...