1. Josiah_445

    Condylactis Anemone question

    I have a Haitian/Condylactis anemone and I’m still pretty new to reef aquariums but I thought these were supposed to turn purple at the tips? I got it around 3 months ago now and my tank is 7 months old. My parameters are normally stable and correct but I remember the guy at my LFS told me he...
  2. R

    Clownfish In condylactis

    Tomato Clownfish hosted by Green Tipped Condylactis
  3. K

    Condy Anemone mouth inflated

    Just bought my first Purple Tip Condy a couple days ago and fed for the first time two days ago. It moved off of its rock and stayed in the sand and now the mouth seems to be inflated.