coral for sale

  1. Toky916

    Rainbow chalice pack

    I have a nice little chalice pack with a few high end rainbow chalices cuts for those patient to grow out along with a few classics. Whole pack will be discounted. Can also part out if interested. Example pics/video of mother colony’s can be set via FB messenger. Shipped $380 Local pickup...
  2. J


    Trying to make room in my personal tank. Many corals available including some colonies. I know the pictures are not the greatest, color enhanced, typical photos you see but I just have a iPhone. My lights are also set to a white light as that’s what I prefer for most of the daytime. No super...
  3. B

    Florida Live Goods Weeping Willow Toadstool

    HUGE weeping willow toadstool for sale. This thing is about 10 inches around and about 10 inches tall. It is massive. In great health, opens up fully every day. Asking 300. Local pickup in Royal Palm Beach Florida only. Will not ship at this time.
  4. B

    Florida Live Goods Dragon Soul Torch

    Dragon Soul Torch for sale. Has about 6 heads, maybe more. In great health. Asking $400. Located in Royal Palm Beach. Local pick-up only.
  5. AquaGemCorals

    Live Goods SPONSOR Halloween sale up to 70% OFF 250+ WYSIWYG Torches, Hammers, Zoas, Favias, Plus get a free Utter Chaos Zoa with your order

    Hello all, i have over 250+ WYSIWYG corals all on sale up to 70% OFF plus get a free utter chaos zoa with your order no code needed! Though out the sale shipping will be 39.99 and if you are in one of theses local states GA/FL/SC/NC shipping is 29.99, Or get free shipping $300 and over...
  6. BSA Corals

    Arizona Live Goods CALLING ALL MONTI LOVERS!

    Check out our Monti ! Shop SPS - Montipora Now and Save up to 20% OFF! As always WYSIWYG.
  7. AquaGemCorals

    Live Goods SPONSOR 296 WYSIWYG Coral, Cotton Candy Zoas, Dragon Soul Torches, Pink Diamond Zoas, Yellow Hammers, Ultra Acans, And Many More

    Hello All, I'm a new sponsor on R2R and hope to give y'all some beautiful corals at great prices. I have many corals to offer here is a few pics with prices of whats on the store. If you have any question pm me on here or on my website. i'm also willing to do bundle deals. Shipping days are...
  8. nycfreshreef

    New Jersey WTB Looking for amazeballs goni frag goniopora

    Hello everyone , I’m looking to buy a nice amazeballs goniopora frag , if anyone has one can you kindly post the details & photo Thanks a lot
  9. nycfreshreef

    New York Live Goods Mini Illuminati Zoa Colony for Sale ~20 polyps $600 Bright! red ring Zoanthid

    Hello Everyone I have a really nice Illuminati mini colony that has around 20 polyps with some babies around the bottom , it’s in excellent shape, super healthy and growing like a weed in my system , it’s also super bright , in person the rings look like a neon glowing pure red (not orange in...
  10. Nicerreefs

    Livestock 2H Western Aussie Rasta - $199 + shipping

    2H Western Aussie Rasta torch is available for sale! $199 + shipping Get 10% off when you subscribe to our website newsletter. Free shipping when you spend $349 or more! Let us help you accomplish your dream goals and make them a reality today! - Nicer Reefs "Your Reef. But Nicer." Social...
  11. Nicerreefs

    Livestock Tiger Torch SALE

    Tiger Torch is available for sale! Early Black Friday deals: 35% OFF ON ALL TORCHES All purchases of $200 or more made during Nicer Reef's Cyber Week Sale will receive a free NR $50 gift card towards the next...
  12. DivingTheWorld

    California SOLD FS: Acros - RRU, RRC, BC, JF, Vivid, TSA - Local SF Bay Area Pickup Only!

    Selling frags of a few of my favorite acros. Aquacultured by me from my mother colonies. No photoshop. PM or text me if interested. Check my build thread for colony pics. WYSIWYG. Larger cuts of some available. **Note: Will be curbside pickup. No shipping, local pick-up in San Ramon, CA only...
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Vault is on FIRE!!!

    We've added some AMAZING new pieces to our TSA Vault! Now is the perfect time to add that special show piece to your tank. Check it out here: TSA VAULT
  14. Absolutely Fish

    Livestock Dry Goods Happy Earthday!!! Sale is Live!!!! 22% Off Coral, Fish , and Supplies. Indo Gold Torch giveaway

    Celebrate Earthday with Absolutely Fish. Save 22% your entire purchase plus your chance with win this: Indo Gold Torch Indo Torch Giveaway: Make a Coral purchase during our Three day sale and you will automatically be entered into the drawing Bonus Frags: Free Frags to be Given out with...