coral for sale

  1. Malaysian Deepwater Acros

    For sale California Malaysian Deepwater Acros

    Have some 100% aquacultured malaysian deepwater acros for sales. Pictures were taken with an Olympus TG6 underwater camera under a t5 LED combo. Prices include shipping 550.00 300.00 300.00
    $300.00 to $550.00
  2. Mini trachy, plates, elegance, goni and zoas

    For sale Arkansas Mini trachy, plates, elegance, goni and zoas

    Mini trachys $30 Larger trachy on 2 inch pvc $75 Elegance $50 Hairy green mushroom $35 Goni green $35 Yellow goni $45 Plates $30
  3. Torches and Hammers

    For sale Arkansas Torches and Hammers

    Neon green tips $50 Rasta $85 Aussie green $85 Pink tip $85 Cotton candy $100 Hellfire $150 Indo gold $200 Wall hammers $60-85 Branching hammers $30
  4. Lots of corals, local pick up Novi MI

    For sale Michigan Lots of corals, local pick up Novi MI

    Prices range, $20 and up, looking to do bulk deals, have ton of different stuff, shrooms, lps, zoas, ton of hammers, frogspawn, $10 a head, so nicer torches, local pick up only 48390. Text 313-268-3195. Adding pics below
    $123.00 to $234.00
  5. JF Homewrecker mini colony, vivid confetti, cb pack

    For sale Wisconsin JF Homewrecker mini colony, vivid confetti, cb pack

    Have a gorgeous pack to offer here. Pack consists of: Jf homewrecker mini colony Vivid Confetti CB Maleficient TAC Wild Berry $600 shipped, ready to ship week of June 20th to allow heal time. Shipping included and heat/cool in a styro encased cooler as needed. Shipping:UPS Priority...
  6. Selling 517 dollar credit from 2gc corals

    For sale California Selling 517 dollar credit from 2gc corals

    Hi I have $535 from 2gc corals, I ordered an Alexa torch since January. And my patience have worn out waiting for them to get another one. And I don’t want any other torch to replace the torch I originally ordered. Instead of refunding my money, he can only give me store credit. I’m willing to...
  7. 5 Pack SPS - Mid-High end

    For sale Louisiana 5 Pack SPS - Mid-High end

    $500 shipped. Price is firm. Left to right RR Garden of Eden Matt V Time Machine JF Jolt RMF Gila Monster Brad’s Jaw Dropper Shipping will be week of the 20th pending weather. Prefer to ship on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. Standard DOA, pictures provided of frags still in original bags...
  8. Zoa Pack (Death Stars, Koala Eye, Buttmunchers and more)

    For sale Ohio Zoa Pack (Death Stars, Koala Eye, Buttmunchers and more)

    375 shipped on the pack 9 total frags (ignore the others in the shot, difficult to get all 9 together for one picture without catching a few others) Top row left to right 2+p scrambled eggs 2p screamers 1p Koala Eye Middle Row 8+p Awesome Blossom 2p Citric Acid 1p Buttmunchers Bottom Row 2p...
  9. Torch grails ,god torch , sun goddess and more

    For sale Florida Torch grails ,god torch , sun goddess and more

    Short tentacle grails 475 God torch double 500 Sun goddess 275 Orange peal double 300 indo gold 135 Black panther 135 shipping 40 or free at 350
    $135.00 to $500.00
  10. Summer Collector Acro Packs

    For sale Illinois Summer Collector Acro Packs

    Hey Everyone, I have some fire sticks that are eager for a new loving home. I have two packs available and both are $475 Shipped. Please pm with any questions and thanks for looking! DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send clear picture of perished coral...
  11. WYSIWYG Corals

    For sale Pennsylvania WYSIWYG Corals

    I have these cut and they are all ready to shipped starting this week! Free shipping over $400 or shipping is $50. I will try to do pack deals too, so message me with what you are interested in. All these photos are just taken with an iPhone, no blue light or orange filter things here. If...
  12. SPS Pack - TSA, Big R, JF WWC

    For sale New York SPS Pack - TSA, Big R, JF WWC

    One SPS pack available for $675 shipped. All frags are 3/4” or bigger. Front Row from Left to Right: WWC Heartbreaker Big R Walt Disney JF Homewrecker Back Row from Left to Right: TSA Daydream Pinky the Bear TSA Fruity Pebbles PC Rainbow DOA Policy: If there are any DOAs within your order...
  13. 3 LPS Packs

    For sale Ohio 3 LPS Packs

    Pack 1 Acan Garden 2 Ultra, 2 A grade Acans A big chunky frag of my yet unnamed lord EnFuego Acan Lord Red Target Acan Lord And a green mouth purple body acan 310 shipped Pack 2 asst LPS 1x platygyra 1x mind bender moonstone 1x chalice frag (mother colony right below frag) 1x chunky pc of lilac...
    $80.00 to $350.00
  14. Sps 4 pack

    For sale California Sps 4 pack

    No name 4 pack sps
  15. More High end zoas

    For sale California More High end zoas

    Hello have a few things up for pick up or shipped. Shipping is $45 overnight standard DOA. Very heathy pest free. All is Wysiwyg only letting me attach 10 pics if not posted I can send the rest via pm A. 7p butt krak $160 B. 4p butt krak $100 C. 2p rainbow eclipse $130 D. 1p Rainbow...
    $50.00 to $250.00
  16. WWC AOI

    For sale Florida WWC AOI

    Have a couple encrusting AOI zoas looking to ship out or pick up. I also have more zoas for sell.
    or best offer
  17. Gold Torches FS

    For sale Oklahoma Gold Torches FS

    I have some Gold Torches available for sale. These are incredibly vividly colored, intense gold with light green and iridescent highlights towards the tentacle bases. This torch has consistently split from one head into four for me and has grown incredibly well in my systems. Overnight Shipping...
  18. ***Zoa Pack - COLONIES!!!***

    For sale Massachusetts ***Zoa Pack - COLONIES!!!***

    Fire & Ice Bermudas (w/ some Fire & Ice mixed in) Everlasting Gobstoppers $175 Shipped! Standard DOA applies: must provide photo of DOA in shipping bag within 2 hrs of delivery. Replacement or refund (minus shipping fees) provided at my discretion. PM if interested.
  19. Grails , sungod, sun goddess and more

    For sale Florida Grails , sungod, sun goddess and more

    Grails 500 ea Yellow w blue tip 325 Sun god double 550 Sun goddess double 350 Indo gold 135 Black panther 140
    $150.00 to $600.00
  20. GSP

    For sale Tennessee GSP

    Pick up only. Madisonville, TN. About 4' x 16" (average) wall of GSP. Not a clue. It's usually like $15 a frag, so $500 You can completely cover your tank at once or frag it and make bank! Any questions just ask...
  21. Collector SPS Flex Pack

    For sale Massachusetts Collector SPS Flex Pack

    PM with your pack request for pricing. These are all ready to go.... RRC Goldenrod Colony #1 RRC Goldenrod Colony #2 TGC Starry Night #1 FG Purp Smurf FG Purp Smurf #2 TSA Fruitty Pebbles #1 TSA Fruitty pebbles #2 Rte 66 merlins staff Rte 66 merlins staff #2 Tgc inner core...
    $50.00 to $200.00
  22. Warp Drive Zoas

    For sale Florida Warp Drive Zoas

    TSA Warp Drive Zoanthids, ranging from $60 - $220 + $40 out of state shipping or $20 shipped in Florida. The top left photo has 6 polyps. DOA: Must send photos of dead coral in bag within 2 hours of delivery stated on tracking number.
    $60.00 to $220.00
  23. High End Sticks (Updated)

    For sale California High End Sticks (Updated)

    Few frags left, free shipping over $250. SBB Oh La La 250.00 300.00 TGC Ultimate Rainbow Passion 175.00 150.00 CC Hellboy 150.00 KomsCorals Peach Passion (Light Orange Tenius, orange polyps) 125.00
    $125.00 to $300.00
  24. Collector SPS for sale

    For sale Massachusetts Collector SPS for sale

    MCC Prom Queen Wwc Pink Panther RMF Candyland WWC Suicide squad BC Backdraft the movie table Brad b drawjopper i can customize pack or add other pieces, pm if interested. I may modify or add pieces to ad depending on interest. Lots of stuff on rack.
  25. Banana torch

    For sale Florida Banana torch

    Banana grail 600 shipped