1. E

    New York WTB Looking for blastos!!!!!

    Hey I’m looking to get some more blastos for my collection! I’m really looking for yellow blastos or ones that have yellow in them but I am also open to any other nice blastos you may have if I don’t already have them. Also looking for some green merlettis, please please please show me what you...
  2. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Missouri Sps lps softies for sale

    Rr tropic thunder frags small or xl- $25/$$45 Jason fox rr red roses monti- 40 Jason fox snow flake monti cap- 35 jf Boston bean digi- 25 jf keylime smooth acro- 45 tsa megachrome monti- 40 small hammer indo- 40 blow pop zoas / eagle eye frag- 25 blow pop zoas 5- 15 Steve...