equipment recommendation

  1. D

    SPS Red Sea Reefer 170 set up

    Hi, So ive been out the hobby a little while and i want to start up a new tank. Im looking at getting a Red Sea Reefer 170. Im looking to set up a predominantly SPS tank with some Euphillyia. Now, my question is, im not sure if i should get an AIO or the sumped version? Has anyone got any...
  2. O

    “Unfurbished” 75 Gal and 125 Gal, what are some fun options?

    Hello everyone! I’ve been in the hobby for around only 6 months, I started with a 75 Gal with only 4 fish, but now have a 75 gal and 125 gal. I want a new long term setup for both of the tanks, I most certainly want coral in at least the 75 gal. I am considering clownfish only I’m the 75 gal...
  3. ArmanMK


    Hey Reefers :) I am kind of new to the hobby. I have 29 Cube reef tank for 3 years before I moved to SoCal area and had to sell it. I am a big fan of the hobby and I want to start again. My previous setup was a simple AIO setup for keeping softies and easy fishes. Now, I want to build a much...
  4. yourmom

    RODI - first timer looking for suggestions

    I’m new and have been buying water from my LFS. I’ve noticed sediment in both the salt and fresh water I have purchased from them, and it’s becoming more of an inconvenience to pick up water regularly. I’m in the market for an RODI system but I’m not sure what I need. I have a 40 gallon AIO and...