1. mtraylor


    59" STELLAR T5 4X80W HYBRID RETROFIT LIGHT FIXTURE This is 6 months old. Looks like Orphek has finally came out with the 60" led bars so I 'm going to make the switch. $325 plus shipping.
  2. M

    Alabama ATI 36 Inch 6x39W Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture

    I have had this unit for less than a year. Bulbs are 6 months old. It works great no problems with function at all. I only have the fixture s shown No hanging kit. It does have one small dent on the corner but this in no way has any impact on function. All reflectors are in perfect condition...
  3. T

    North Carolina Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 3 pro and RMS XR30 TANK MOUNT KIT

    I am selling both together and I am the original owner. The Radion was a Gen 1 that was upgraded to a Gen 3 pro. I also had Ecotech install a new fan on the unit when the upgrade took place. I used it for about a year before I had to break my tank down to move. My old tank will not fit in my new...

    Utah Reefbrite MH setup

    I would love the 36" setup with ballasts. Shipped to Utah.
  5. Broadfield

    Illinois Commercial Grade Aquactinics 400 MH/T5/Moonlight Ballast and 24" Fixture

    I acquired this setup from a tank breakdown and everything works as tested, including fans. Asking $425 shipped to the continental USA. Includes the following: Aquactinics 24" fixture with single metal halide, dual 24w T5 and single moonlight LED. Fixture is power coated white. Aquactinics...
  6. Zazzy

    Led w/ t5 supplement setting ajustment

    So I'm looking into adding the aquatic life t5ho 36" hybrid fixtures but I just got a few question that hopefully I can find out today. I've been running 2 Hydra 52 HDs on my 90 reef for a good 6 months and everything is looking great. I have a Walt Disney acro and I've noticed of if it doesnt...
  7. VelocityTech

    72" 16 Bulb(2x8x36") T5 Fixture. New bulbs.

    Custom bought 16 bulb t5 light. 72". All aluminum lightweight construction. rear fans. Custom light reflectors. 4 switches /off on each side for fine tuning certain lights off. It's hooked up to a digital timer separated by blues and whites/colors. If you look at photo it is above the apex...
  8. Eliot

    40 Breeder Lighting: SPS Dominant

    Looking to start an SPS Dominant 40 breeder. Came across a Marineland t5/metal halide fixture with -one 150w Metal Halide -four 39w T5s Is this sufficient for an SPS Dominant reef or should i look elsewhere?
  9. Mpkid911

    Help with diy led fixture!

    Okay so i am plannind a diy led fixture for a 55 gallon tank. Im basing thenlights off of the radion pro and these are the leds i plan on buying. 42 LEDs White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 bridgelux, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 bridgelux Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E...
  10. G

    Current USA 6 bulb T5 fixture

    Selling my light fixture. Info can be seen here: Willing to take offers. Need to get rid of them. Thank you.
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