flamethrower bounce mushroom

  1. acro.jordan

    California Live Goods Cornbred Flamethrower Bounce Mushroom Blowout

    Cornbred Flamethrower Bounce Mushrooms for sale. First come first serve - free shipping Mushroom #1: $500 Mushroom #2: $450 Mushroom #3: $450 Mushroom 4: $400 Mushroom #5 : $400 Mushroom #6 : $350
  2. acro.jordan

    California Live Goods CB Flamethrower Bounce Mushroom mothers for sale !!!

    Happy to share some CB Flamethrower Bounce Mushroom mothers for sale. All 6 of these mothers are producing babies and are ready to ship. Any questions may be sent via PM. Shipping over $500 is free, local pick ups are encouraged, discounts on packs - socal ! Mother #1 - $800 Mother #2 ...
  3. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods SOLD Flamethrower Rhodactis Bounce

    1-1.5" Flamethrower Rhodactis $175 shipped Shipped via UPS Next Day air Message me for any questions or details Standard 2-Hour DOA Shipping cost is not refundable