floating reef

  1. N

    Hello New member/old school ideas

    Hi Reefers! Im Nick from the UK. I got bored in lockdown and decided to revisit this hobby after 20 years out of the game. Wow things have moved on! I have found this forum a wealth of information and it was one of the reasons I wanted a reef tank again. I have only had one marine...
  2. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Waterbox Frag 55.2 Lagoon Build

    Hello everyone! I know some of you follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/reefer_nyc/ or my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlx8rEhnJSsmH3EMlBzeJA and wanted to start a thread on my upgrade process! So I've been in this hobby for easily over 15 years and relatively kept my tanks...
  3. Kendrick Brown

    Floating Shelf Aquarscape

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a new build remodel I just did. Its a fully cantilever floating aquascape that makes a shelf off the back wall. Disclosure I took a lot of inspiration from coral_fish_zoa(his build: https://www.zeewaternieuws.be/2020/06/how-to-make-a-floating-reef-a-tutorial/ )...
  4. Aquarocks

    Dry Goods Aquarocks magnetic montipora frag rock display !!!!!

    Compact lightweight and realistic looking, this magnetric frag rock uses sealed neodymium magnets rated to hold strong to half inch glass!! Aquarocksdesigns.com