geo's reef sump

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    Shout out to THE BARRIER REEF in South Florida

    Check out this gorgeous 120 gallon set up spotted at The Barrier Reef in south Florida. GEO Sump R Series Pro 36" with 5 gallon matching ATO reservoir
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    Kyle the DIY and custom GEO R SERIES PRO 36"

    Team GEO would like to send a thank you out to Kyle from Baton Rouge, LA. Kyle is a DIY when it comes to building a stand and designing a very nice inclosure for his equipment. Kyle wanted a custom GEO Sump with very little evaporation. Here is his GEO R Series PRO 36"x15"x15" in grey and blue...
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    Custom GEO Sump and Calcium Reactors for FishofHex on YouTube

    Want to send out a thank you to Travis "FishofHex" on YouTube for ordering this custom GEO 72"x20"x15" PRO sump with remote 30 gallon ATO reservoir and GEO CR818 and SMC415. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel for more info on reef keeping and his 300 gallon build.