godzilla bounce

  1. Tnops

    New York Live Goods OG Godzilla Bounce Mushrooms NYC

    Original Godzilla Bounce originally sourced from Reefapalooza NY. Phone camera really doesn't do these guys justice. (MOTHER SHROOM) A - $200 B - $200 C - $PENDING D - $PENDING ' E (with new baby) - $250 (before being separated) Local pickup only no shipping. Location in Flushing...
  2. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods SOLD Godzilla Bounce, Neptune Bounce, and SBB Marvin the martian zoas

    I am selling a Godzilla bounce yuma mushroom almost dime size. $275 shipped Two Neptune Bounce available quarter size $90 each 3p sbb marvin the martian zoas $70 2nd picture is another Godzilla of mine from the same momma. I do have the momma picture, I can guarantee you lineage to a true OG...
  3. The_Bearded_Reef

    Indiana Live Goods OG Bounce Godzilla Babies

    Prices on the images. Shipping is included in the price. Discounts are available for multiples purchased. Paypal/Venmo accepted.
  4. The Roaming Reefer

    New York Live Goods OG Godzilla Bounce Yuma

    OG Godzilla bounces for sale. $150 each for the two nickel size $350 for the larger 2 inch Mother shown in last pic for reference (NFS) Local pickup near 12590. Shipping available at buyers cost. PM with any questions
  5. The_Bearded_Reef

    Indiana Live Goods OG Godzilla Bounce!

    All prices are with shipping included. Will reduce for multiples purchased. All but one of those have multiple babies on the rock with it, tried to price accordingly with sizes and number of babies. Big Momma, NFS Combo - big “baby” that also has 3 more small babies on the rock. $650 ✈️✈️
  6. face

    Louisiana Live Goods Godzilla!

    Nice 50cent size Godzilla $450 shipped!
  7. adsf430

    New York Live Goods Corals for sale RAP NY!

    Selling corals you can either pick up in Manhattan or at RAP NY. Have videos for everything upon request. Also can check out my Instagram @Nanoreefnyc. WWC Diablo Plate (about 2.5in circumference) $350 WWC Death Widow XL Mini Colony, $150 (for comparison the frag it’s next to is over 1in)...
  8. Enchanted Reefs

    New Mexico Live Goods SOLD OG Godzilla Bounce Mushroom

    Hi everyone, letting go of some Godzilla bounce mushrooms. I’ve had it for a few years now and has gave me several babies so I need to clear my frag rack now. Will ship overnight. I prefer to ship Tuesdays and Wednesdaysthis is the grandmother and the mother for linage. I just purchased the...
  9. atlfishes

    Georgia Live Goods Bounce pack- OG Godzilla / Lava

    $550 shipped for Godzilla and lava bounce. First pics are of Godzilla mom.
  10. adsf430

    New York Live Goods Coral for sale RAP NY!

    Selling corals you can either pick up in Manhattan or at RAP NY. Have videos for everything upon request. Also can check out my Instagram @Nanoreefnyc. WWC Diablo Plate (about 2in circumference) $350 OG Godzilla Bounces, these aren’t babies, I’ve had them about a year and they are over half...
  11. FDNY-Reefer

    New York Live Goods OG Godzilla Bounce Shroom for sale

    I agree to the terms of service OG Godzilla Bounce for sale for 225$ each in Queens NY. Bought from Reefapalooza last year, I have three babies available two are the size of a half dollar and the other is slightly larger than a nickle. Not shipping at this time but might consider it if it is...
  12. santino0205

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Godzilla, tiger torch, gold torch, sps

    Godzilla 600 God torch 500 Double head multi color tip tiger 700 Sps colonies 200 24k gold 2 heads 250 Knicks 2 heads 250 Black torch 100 Dragon soul 4 heads 350 Pink frog 6 heads 300 Jersey bounce 450
  13. adsf430

    New York Live Goods True OG Bounce Godzilla Yumas $200

    Selling True OG Godzilla Bounce Yumas (not the simple Yuma variety commonly called a bounce). All babies are around the same size. Mother and Grandmother pics below. Lineage and grandmother pic from phil bevilacqua . Babies are 3 months old and about 1/2-3/4 inch circumference. $200 local pick...
  14. tjclapp


    hey guys, selling a few babies from Godzilla. Will include pic of my biggest one and will message pic of the mother of mine if you want to see. These are the real deal. I had to hunt them down like a year ago. 500 for a baby. I have 2 remaining. Located in SWFL shipping available.
  15. C

    California Godzilla Yuma Mushroom Colony for Sale!

    I am selling the orange Yuma Godzilla colony for $900 (the image on top). The mother mushroom of this colony is about 2.5 inches in diameter and has vesicles that are larger than zoa polyps! This colony also has about 7 1 inch or greater sized mushrooms. The mother colony is shown on the bottom...