green clown goby

  1. J

    Tang aggression towards new gobies

    Hi all! I recently bought two little green clown gobies and added them to my tank. My young Tomini Tang who is normally super chilled and gets on with everyone is trying to hunt these new little gobies down. They’re good at hiding but I fear he’ll eventually catch and kill them. Would you...
  2. Barncat

    Is it okay to cohabitate multiple species of clown goby?

    So, I recently fell head over heels in love with clown gobies, and while asking myself the question of whether to get a green clown goby with their cool red stripes, or a citron clown goby which looks almost lavender purple under actinic light, then learning that there are in fact even more...
  3. dimitrinivo

    Build Thread 10 gallon "****" reef tank, 3 months old

    What started out as a FOWLR tank with macro algae for a bluestripe pipefish and pygmy filefish evolved into a beautiful, natural looking soft coral and invert dominated reef tank. The Equipment: - Seachem tidal 35 HOB filter - 528 gph powerhead - 50 watt heater - 10lbs of live rock - 10lbs...
  4. D

    Dwarf Zebra Hermit nesting on Torch

    Hi guys, new to reefing and recently purchased some blue legged hermits online but when they came one was a dwarf zebra hermit. He has taken to our torch frag and literally doesn’t move off it, is this normal? Is he hurting it? Really appreciate some advice. We also had two reg legged hermits...