1. P

    Torch id

    Hello beutifull people. I know My tank looks a bit shait, Im dealing with it, but Im thinking of selling My torch to prevent loosing alot of money. Does anyone have an id on this, i bought it about a year and a half ago. And Mabye some price estimates, it is 8 heads
  2. N

    ID help!!!!

    Hey everyone, I noticed something weird on my rocks and was wondering if someone can ID it for me? I’ve looked around online with no luck. I’ve had the tank for about a year and this is the first time I’ve noticed this. Thanks In advance!!
  3. J

    Coral ID Help

    Hello, I just bought a frag pack and I was wondering what the top right and bottom left coral are. Thank you!
  4. Ruvyn

    A sudden outburst of algae and i cant scrub it off!

    Hello fellow reefer! I'm super new to this hobby and started this tank. Want to know whats this algae and if its a good algae or a bad algae. Appreciate all the help I can get! And also while looking at the algae. Found some white bud. Not sure what is that too. Cheers!