1. kenchilada

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller Package Deal SOLD Apex 2016 full ($550 shipped)

    Full Apex 2016 ($650 $550 shipped) - Apex head unit - EB832 - pH probe - temp probe - ORP probe - salinity probe Apex PM1 module, unused, new in box, ($75) SOLD All prices include shipping CONUS. Everything works great. Probes all nice and clean.
  2. Alex808

    Louisiana 20 Long reef. Cheap.

    Going to take a hiatus on the hobby for a little while. Got a lot going on with the job and a baby on the way. I'm happy to part ways with it and let someone else give it time. I don't wanna part this system out. Would really like to just sell it as a whole. I'm not asking for more than 200...
  3. J

    210 Gal Reef Tank for sale in Lafayette La

    $4500 100% automated and monitored using Apex controller This is NOT a cheap setup. Its state of the art with everything you can possibly need. Only module not included with the system is the new apex Trident. Planning to move and rather not deal with moving tank. Buyer responsible for...
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