1. Aquarium Myths and Misinformation

    Aquarium Myths and Misinformation

    Aquarium Myths and Misinformation c. 2023 Jay Hemdal Over the last 50 years, I’ve heard a number of myths and possible misinformation applied to aquariums and the husbandry of the animals contained in them. Most of these seem to go unchallenged; at least they keep showing up online, long...
  2. Reef and Dive

    How to deal with tons of information an misinformation

    I stated this arguments on a separate discussion, but I believe it could be useful to post it as a separate thread. For newcomers it may be pretty difficult to understand the best information provided. My honest suggestion for every piece of information is: 1 - check tha background of who...
  3. Tnops

    LFS Lying, Justifed?

    Hello, I would like to see your views on LFS (not some bigbox store like petco/petsmart) when they lie/give false information to a hobbyist, in an attempt to sell fish, especially when they claim to be beginners. For example, saying that a juvenile emperor angelfish would do fine in a 75 gallon...