nano 24

  1. Zhill731

    Stocking Advice: 24g Cube AIO

    Hi All, I have a 24 cal cube, looking to keep LPS ands softies along with fish. I currently have 2 Ocellaris clownfish and would like to add in the future (in order of preference) helfrichi firefish Diamond Goby Pistol Shirmp Bangii Cardinal (2?) Would this be okay in regards to compatibly...
  2. Zhill731

    Redsea 50 light cycle 24 gal cube

    Hi all! First time reefer here. I have a 24 gal Aquatop AIO cube with a Redsea ReefLed 50 I was wondering what light cycle and intensities you recommend. looking to have clowns & anemone, along with Zoas & other coral as well
  3. S

    Build Thread Seaescape's Aquatic 24G Nano and 5G Pico

    I have been out of the hobby for 8 years and decided I missed my thank way too much. So I have done what every normal hobbyist does, go with two tanks HAHAHA! I used to have a Red Sea Max modified with a Sump, and loved it. There was also a 75 gallon that I had, but the nano tank for whatever...
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