nano 29

  1. S

    Hello Newby with a Nano Reef

    A friend recently gave me an Oceanic BioCube 29 HQI, which I've done a deep dive into for my 3 year old's enjoyment. Free tank and then ~$2,000 later... and I'm about 3 months into the endeavor. Open to fish/coral recommendations (towards the end of this). Water Parameters: Temp is about 77°...
  2. DB131_Reefs

    Hello Hii new to R2R

    Hii I’m new here. Mostly looking for advise on growing my corals. I have a 29 gallon tank that I started in November 2019. This is my 2nd go on a saltwater tank. My first attempt was about 7 years ago with a 90 gallon that turned out to be too much for me. This time around is much more...
  3. C

    Build Thread First Saltwater Tank 29 gallons

    Hello I started my adventure into saltwater on January 1st this year. I was given a 29 gallon tank for Christmas from a family member who breeds fish. My lovely younger sister who has heard me talk about wanting a saltwater reef for awhile bought me a Tidal 55 HOB filter and a HOB protein...
  4. Full Tank Shot

    Full Tank Shot

    Full shot under blown out blues of my Biocube 29.
  5. Rose Gold Wall Hammer

    Rose Gold Wall Hammer

    5 heads from Manhattan Aquariums in 2020