neptune afs

  1. MikeYasin

    California Drygoods SOLD Neptune AFS

    Neptune AFS $70 OBO Shipped. Works great, but I hardly use it. Includes 6’ UBS cable. Buyer pays Venmo fee
  2. OneWhoPokesBears

    Texas SOLD SOLD

    Title says it all: AFS - Sold 4/10 EB832 - Sold 4/11 ATK - Sold 4/11 Apex eL - Sold 4/19 DOS and DDR - sold 4/25 All Sold, lock her up mods! Getting back into the hobby and purchased a used running system that had this running on it. Im looking to re-coup some of the cost of my purchase...
  3. mackdave

    Texas Drygoods SOLD Neptune AFS $50 ea + shipping sold

    Two Neptune AFS feeders. $50ea
  4. musaabi

    Need help with apex AFS on timer

    Hey guys, Setup my auto feeder as I’m going to be away this week for work and want to make sure the fish are fed. Using the apex AFS with Vfeed. I’ll post screenshots of this but having 2 issues that I need help with. Everything seems to be working right and I verified the past couple of days...
  5. P

    Missouri WTB WTB: Neptun AFS

    Looking for Neptune Auto Feed System shipped to Missouri 63385.
  6. Benpastw

    Virginia Washington, D.C. Drygoods SOLD Neptune AFS 60$ shipped

    Neptune AFS, used once, took down my tank and no longer need it, comes with an aquabus cable. 60$ shipped
  7. dangles

    Ohio Aquarium Controller Drygoods Two Neptune AFS For Sale [SOLD]

    I have 2 Neptune Auto Feeder Systems (AFS) for sale. (1) [SOLD] Brand new, only tested with food but NOT ever installed on a tank. Wiped out thoroughly so it looks/functions as new. I bought it about 2 months ago and decided to go a different direction. This one comes with everything in the...
  8. tylertheman

    How do I program Neptune AFS to trigger a feed mode automatically?

    I have a new AFS from Neptune systems and I want it to automatically trigger a feed mode that I set up for it. I’m feeding calanus for anthias and want the returns to shut off and let the food blow around the tank with the wave makers staying on. Ideally the dual returns would turn off a minute...
  9. C

    Aquarium Controller Fish Foods Drygoods Neptune auto fish feeder

    Neptune systems AFS automatic feeding system with 3 oz crossover diet. This is brand new, box never opened. Will ship with paypal.
  10. Printed Reef

    Neptune AFS Feeder Ring

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Neptune AFS Feeder Ring. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.