neptune dos and ddr

  1. B

    Oklahoma Aquariums Powerheads Filters LED Dosing Drygoods PRICE DROPPED. High end equipment and aquarium

    SOLD. I've got a RedSea 525XL we had planned on setting up, but have decided to go a different direction. Includes Tank, black stand, sump, custom made acrylic lid and a RedSea Reefmat 1200 and an new roll of fleece. Asking $1500 NOW $1300 SOLD Neptune Sky SOLD SOLD Orphek Atlantik v4 G2 and...
  2. OneWhoPokesBears

    Texas SOLD SOLD

    Title says it all: AFS - Sold 4/10 EB832 - Sold 4/11 ATK - Sold 4/11 Apex eL - Sold 4/19 DOS and DDR - sold 4/25 All Sold, lock her up mods! Getting back into the hobby and purchased a used running system that had this running on it. Im looking to re-coup some of the cost of my purchase...
  3. Obdoc63

    Florida Lighting Orphek Icon, Trident, Apex and other equipment for sale

    I am leaving the hobby so will be selling my extra gear. Shipping is available and will be added to the final sale price. Apex base unit without Probes $200 not A3pro Sold Apex with Probes, $300 not A3 pro eb 832 NIB $275 plus shipping DOS pumps sold DDR x 2, $150 each Trident sold Orphek...
  4. jsbzcmcdaniel

    Texas Dosing Drygoods Neptune DOS & DDR

    Neptune DOS & DDR package $300 shipped Created new sale thread as the original became too crowded and messy. Price reduced to move quickly. Tank needs to be moved by next week.
  5. I

    Missouri Dosing Drygoods SOLD DOS/DDR a few months old

    Only used for two liters and purchased new from Unique Corals a few months ago. I just want to try a different system. $339 PayPal confirmed account
  6. galmase

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods (SOLD) For sale: Neptune DOS AND DDR

    2 sets of Neptune DOS AND DDR $375 each OR $750 for 2 sets Great condition, well-maintained. Used 10 months. Pick-up, shipping available Location: Oxnard, CA #maramotreef